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development of human resource

process of rearing is run through 1:1 Caring.


Currently, new Medici-Soft employees are being trained to adapt their jobs through three stages. By adapting to the organization through understanding of Medici soft, we create job performance through common and job capacity development.

Medici Soft internalization


Implemented to practice sense of belonging and pride

Acquire job skills


To develop the knowledge and skills needed to create performance in the job domain

Business organization / work adjustment


Strengthen member motivation and organizational commitment, strengthen career and job competence

Job Introduction

MedicoSoft’s job group consists of R & D (Research), Marketing (Sales), Production (Production) and Support (Support).


Prior research, product design design, 
Standards / patents and R & D
Technology Leadership 
Leading the market through acquisition
are pursuing product development.


Sales, marketing, product planning, product planning, and customer service
Selling Products Related to Sale and Services
Sell differentiated sales strategies and services for customers
Market leadership continue to gain market share.


Manufacturing, production management,
production technology, quality control,
We will do business related to the production of products
such as purchasing and materials. We are implementing
Medici-Soft’s technology as a product with Product LeaderShip through constant innovation activities.


Depending on the company’s policies and direction
Each functional organization is more efficient
Helping them to do their jobs.
Depending on your job and your
Each division is divided into
headquarters and division.

Areas of Recruitment

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Employee welfare

Health Care Program

· Fitness Support

· Rest room support

· Medical expenses support

· Comprehensive Health Check-up Support(Synthesis/General)

Life support program

· Support for student expenses(University)

· In-house loan support

· Support for Family events and condolence

Leisure support program

· Condo and Pension Support

· Rental of camping goods

· In-house club operation and support

· Awards by year of duty (eat out, vacations, overseas training, etc.)

Career program

· Support for purchasing books

· Celebration (Birthday / Feast)

· Support for external education related to self development (art, music, etc.)