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Product descriptions

Documents can be managed and shared easily and quickly.

Enterprise Security Cloud Turtleship is a cloud software that can freely build Public Cloud and Private Cloud depending on the

type of deployment. It is a key system for improving the organization’s competitiveness by efficiently managing data and providing

shared and collaborative functionality.

Key features enable you to quickly and accurately search the desired data through retrieval of permissions, identifying document

upload locations, identifying and deleting data, deleting data, recovering data, using folders, word (charts), document (pdf, Word,

Excel, etc.)

Detailed features

main function

  Big Data Transfer

Transfer large files to a link to

deliver reliable and convenient file transfers.

   Sharing / Collaboration

Full share / Shared folder Permission

management improves work efficiency.

  Document search and notes

Document content search support

Folder Note Functions
-Provides editing / deleting of notes for each use by folder

  Document encryption

Secure the document with a user-specific key,

and secure it securely and safely.

  Restoring documents

Minimize unnecessary work by restoring deleted files

and prevent damages caused by loss of documents.

  Statistical analysis

Understand the status of the document /

document usage / Disk usage trends / data leakage paths.

Overall System Configuration (Architecture)

Introduction effect

Cloud Turtle Ship to Safeguard Document Assets


Encrypt documents, set folder access permissions Maximize confidentiality.

Improve Business Efficiency

Various tools for managing documents, statistical analytics for system efficiency, and collaboration.

Ensure quality control

Provides real-time maintenance and 365 control services through remote support.

Cost savings

Maximize enterprise profitability by reducing initial installation costs.