About us


MEDICISOFT is striving to improve the business competitiveness of customers based on advanced technology and the best professional manpower.


MEDICISOFT is a company with different talents and knowledge that creates different paradigms by discovering new intersections through different knowledge and skills.
The source of MEDICISOFT development is all members MEDICISOFT who are more creative and constantly evolving.

Our goal is to share personalized expertise with MEDICISOFT and grow it into business by making it a value. We will do our best to make the growth of the company soon.
MEDICISOFT promise to provide you with higher value than the value you pay.


Business Philosophy : Business national treasue through self-actualization of employees and creation of new value in the world
Thank you.
All Medici employees


Thank you.
All Medici employees

Business performance history

NO Business Name Business Period Ordering Organization Name
1 Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Machine Learning  (Voice discrimination algorithm model)  business 2018  MediciSoft
2 Cloud Infringement Detection Analysis Maintenance 2018 Hankook Tire
 3 SIoT data platform construction 2017 Shipbuilding & Marine engineering
 4 Developed real-time data interworking communication module  2017 trueFriend 
5 Additional affiliate development 2017 trueFriend 
6 Quality management for IT development work 2017 trueFriend 
7 2017 computer equipment and SW integrated maintenance service 2017 KT
8 Development of entrepreneurial growth technology 2016 R & D by small and medium business administration

Business area

MEDICISOFT is expanding its business field based on its expertise and technology.

IDAS / Security Control

MQ-SPT communication middleware

Cloud-based document management / unstructured data analysis

Research Achievements

[Society] Awarded by Pin-Tech and Security theses Society
[Team members] All employees consist of masters and doctorates(Korea Information Technology Research Institute Mentor etc)
Big Data Expert[University of Southern California / The State University of New York] Coursework

There is no registered post

*In addition, we have 3 theses in the field of network, 5 theses in security field, 4 theses in big data field

Patent certification

Company Certification / Award

Certificate of direct production confirmation

Venture Business Confirmation

Industry-University Cooperation Agreement

Company affiliated research institute certificate

Seoul (2807) 2017 New export business support project Selected company certificate

Kookmin University Family Agreement

Export Promising Company

Export Promising Company

Best Paper Award SCIE

Signed MOU

Product Certification

Enterprise Private Security Turtle Ship

Excellent Performance

Performance Verification

GS Infringement Response Certificate

technology patent

How to transfer data

Prevent harmful traffic

Distributed Denial of Service – Attack

Trademark registration certificate

Trademark registration certificate