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• Pin Tech Communication

Optimized communication reliability and reliability of the JSON, XML, SOAP, KRX, and FEP protocol communication with the Global Positioning System (FEP) technology, with a partnership with the FEP technology.

• IoT communication

Things Internet Device Problem Analysis

Increased connectivity, increased traffic, and information exposure require improved interoperability and reliability between

..Internet devices.

Three solutions to IoT problem (communication stability and traffic increase, information leakage vulnerability)

Things Internet (As-Is) Connection node and increase traffic is solved by applying Safe Proper Time technology.

(Data transfer reliability, reliability, high-speed data transfer and low power (CPU usage minimization))

Troubleshooting information exposure is a way to test performance at the encryption (AES, ARIA) rate.

Realization of lightweight security middleware [Safe Proper Time + Encryption (AES, ARIA)]

Communication architecture design to ensure reliability of information transmission

Expectation effectiveness

If you develop a solution for data transmission using the SPT algorithm, then the reliability and reliability of the data transfer will add value to your product’s unique technology. The SPT communication module supports the security regulations of companies that are in recent issue with encryption support, supports data compression technology for BIG data transmission, and guarantees the reliability and timeliness of data transmission, It’s possible.