EZY AI Introduction

What is EZY AI

Data analysts participate by analyzing works to derive and construct optimal AI models.

AI Consulting

EZY AI makes it easy for both AI and non-AI users to build an AI suited for their data.

Data Scientist

EZY AI is the best tool to increase the productivity of data scientists who analyze large amounts of data in multiple ways.

AI Expert

EZY AI analyzes business data through deep learning to help facilitate the introduction of AI.

Data analysis experts can help you understand the feature of your data.

Through EZY AI’s corporate consulting service, we analyze the current state of the company’s data to understand the characteristics of the data. Through this, we can help you create value for your business and quickly anticipate and prepare for future human loss or risky situations.

Data scientists machine-learn your data.

We possess a lot of data scientists, so we can build appropriate AI model or provide AI solutions according to the data characteristics of the company. We automate data from various industries, including manufacturing and financial data, and human resources data.

Data visualization experts will help you visualize your data.

One of the representative services of EZY AI, which is big data visualization service, enables various data visualization experts to visualize the company’s data according to its characteristics.

Methodology for Applying Big Data and EZY AI

EZY AI Recommendation Engine Structure

How to Build EZY AI

EZY AI provides two construction methods.


Cloud-based service

Build a server suitable for artificial intelligence and deep learning by leveraging cloud computing from AWS, which provides a reliable cloud environment. With AWS, you can easily use the services of EZY AI without space or time restrictions.


On-Premise based Service

Founded and started a business as an AI lab , we have a high-performance GPU server optimized for deep learning. In addition, since the equipment is in-house, high-level management ensures the best stability.