Deep Learning Recommendation through Big Data Analysis

Massive amount of data is being  accumulated as public institutions provide more services. However, there are still many unanswered questions on how to utilize this data. We provide a solution to this problem by analyzing the data with our data experts and recommend deep learning based on the features of the data.

Public Education Human Resources Development Institute Platform

We removed many learners’ inconvenience of having to look for courses and made it possible to professionally develop personal skills by applying EZY AI recommendation engine to the public education platform. We recommended customized courses and current most popular contents by analyzing learner’s history data and the data of other learners who took the same course.

Manufacturing and Finance (detecting abnormality)


In the manufacturing field, various abnormal signs may appear, and one single abnormality can cause serious damage to the business. Therefore, it is essential to identify and prepare for possible problems that may occur in advance. Through deep learning, machine data can be collected, analyzed and modeled in real time,  and predicted values ​​can be used for preventive diagnosis.


As the need for digital(non face-to-face) transactions are spreading across the world, abnormal financial transactions are rapidly increasing. To solve this, deep learning is applied to monitor and analyze consumers’ financial transaction patterns and transaction types to detect and act on financial transactions that deviate from their usual usage patterns. By detecting anomalies in advance, you can prevent the loss of banks and individuals.

Prevention of Human Resource Loss through HR Data

Preventing the loss of competent talents is as important as recruiting new talents. Human resources data is analyzed through deep learning to prevent the outflow of human resources in the future.